03 Jan Lifting Lives, Moving Many

Lifting Lives, Moving Many

“Dear boss,
Words cannot express how much I appreciate the company’s acceptance of my disability. You not only provided me with a full-time job, you allow me to ride on the stairlift every day up and down those flights of steps to my workstation. I am so motivated to do my best for your company, thank you!”
– Mohamed Fuad, Sales Coordinator

A person’s physical disability does not limit what he or she can achieve. With a little help, a person with disabilities can look to a world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

A typical example is Mr Mohamed Fuad…

At the age of 54, Fuad became a person with a disability, he lost the use of both legs due to a medical condition. With prosthetic legs, he had difficulty securing a permanent job. With Arian’s Stannah's stair lift, he can access flights of steps, and installing Arian’s Autoadapt in his car, he can drive his family around. Fuad is now able to live life to the fullest extent.

ARIAN has been in the business for the past 26 years, providing accessibility solutions for persons with disabilities. Our range of Specialist Access Equipment direct from Europe is made to international safety standards, designed with comfort and flexibility for users. From stairlifts, platform lifts, vehicle wheelchair lifters to furniture customisation for wheelchair users, every ARIAN user has a life-changing story to share.

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    Ryan Heng
    I am writing this regarding a customer of mine who is working at the Arian corporation PTE LTD. His name is Mohamed Fuad, a very cheerful, heart-warming & movtivation person. During that time he was buying things from me, he had difficulties of moving around when purchasing things at my store. I felt that he was independent & was able to move around with his own support.
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    Razak Peer
    What a brilliant opportunity given to this person to help himself to live & earn just as a normal healthy individuals. I think it’s a very sincere help that has been extended to this disabled person. Hope the masses will follow this example enabling disabled people.
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    Roshan Muhammad
    I am so indebted and grateful to Arian for employing my dear friend and schoolmate Mohamed Fuad. Despite facing physical challenges in his life, he showed a lot of positive attitude and especially his awesome smile on his face. He never resign to his fate. He will be a great inspiration to the others and an asset to Arian. I wish all the other companies will take a lead from Arian to employ people like Mohamed Fuad. I wish Arian many successful and profitable years ahead.
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    Mohamed Ashraff Naynam Mohamed
    It is with great pleasure and happiness that I am writing to Arian as an organisation with his team members for the wonderful work that they have accomplished in providing equipment for physically challenged person. Well done !!!! The frenzied hours of your hard work and skill has help many needed physically challenged person, is an outstanding performance by your team for making the aforesaid project a success.

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