17 Apr Stairlift for Seniors: Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Stairlift for Seniors: Commonly Asked Questions Answered

It is estimated that the number of resident seniors in Singapore will double by 2030 with more than 20% of its population over the age of 65. As Singapore’s ageing population sees a steady increase, it has paved way for significant growth in innovation to provide efficient and cost-effective mobility solutions for the elderly.

Hospitals, healthcare centres, and housing facilities for the elderly are the pioneers in embracing this technological innovation but the residential segment is also starting to take notice, bolstering the demand for these mobility solutions. Elderly-proofing homes don't seem to be off base with today’s homeowners as the benefits outweigh its costs.

A large range of specific solutions are available to make homes more elderly-friendly and indoor stairlifts start to get a foothold in the assistive technology in the elderly care market.

Here are a few commonly asked questions to help you decide when considering installing a stairlift for your home:

How do Stairlfits Work?

For the elderly, going up and down flights of stairs can make moving about difficult often affecting daily activities and keeping the seniors confined. Stairs and hallways are the most accident-prone areas in homes where the elderly lives and having a stairlift can reduce the risk of injuries.

Stairlifts offer a combination of comfort, convenience and safety. Its ergonomically designed chair is fitted to an indoor staircase and operates up and down flights of stairs for the benefit of persons with limited mobility.

Are Stairlifts User-Friendly and Safe?

Stairlifts are very simple and safe to use and come with all the right functionalities. It can easily be controlled by easy access buttons attached to the chair and comes with a control pod (remote) allowing the user to get the chair lift up or down the stairs as needed. It also comes with a standard safety belt as an added safety measure to protect the elderly from tipping over or from any other accident while using the lift.

It also has a seat safety sensor feature that prevents the stairlift to collide with any obstruction on the stairlift track where it is attached averting any malfunction while in use.

The chair lift’s height and armrests are also adjustable for comfort and user safety.

Can Stairlifts Work on Narrow Staircases?

Stairlifts fold and unfold easily. Its compact size and foldable design allow normal access to stairs when the lift is not in use and can function perfectly even on narrow staircases.

Can Stairlifts be Fitted to any Stairs?

Stairlifts are attached to the stair tread and not the walls so it can be fitted to any stair type. It is suitable for straight or curved stairs.

Can Stairlifts Turn Corners?

Stair lift tracks are designed and manufactured to fit your staircase perfectly. It can be designed to travel around bends without any discomfort to the user and without any need to adjust the size and shape of your staircase.

Providing accessibility while allowing seniors to move independently at home greatly increases the quality of life, safety and comfort. All homeowners living with the elderly need to consider creating an environment that makes them feel safe and better.

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