29 Dec How Can A Wheelchair Lift Make You Feel Independent at Home?

How Can A Wheelchair Lift Make You Feel Independent at Home?

How Can A Wheelchair Lift Make You Feel Independent at Home?

A wheelchair-friendly home becomes a necessity when living with a loved one who encountered an accident or suffered from an injury or illness that left them physically challenged. Even when they’re confined in their wheelchairs for only a few months, it’s still a great idea because it may also be in preparation for family members who are nearing old age and find themselves unable to move as freely as they used to. For example, they may need a wheelchair lift installed so they can independently go up and down their house. Although this change may mean that we need to reassess our lives in consideration of their situation, it’s nothing if it means we can make them feel as comfortable and independent as they can be in their own environment.

What you as a family member can do is update your home so they can feel and view home life as normal as ever. There are numerous solutions you can try to achieve this. Even something as simple as installing wheelchair ramps at the foot of your stairs is already a big thing if it means easy access to the house. But what we are here to talk about is wheelchair lifts, or what others call a home elevator. It may seem trivial for one-storey homes, but it can do wonders for homes that are several floors high.

What are wheelchair lifts and are they beneficial to wheelchair-users and their carers?

A wheelchair lift is defined as a fully-powered device that is invented to help raise users and their wheelchairs through vertical barriers. It operates much like an elevator wherein it’s installed in a shaft or hoist-way. Because it is less expensive compared to installing an “elevator” but highly effective in lifting wheelchair users up and down, and to and fro different areas of the home, it’s recognised as a valuable solution to make homes accessible.

1. It helps keep users safe and makes going up and down the house a lot easier.

One of the challenges that wheelchair users face while trying to live independently is using the stairs. Because they can’t use it anymore and there’s the danger of falling, lifts are an incredible solution. They don’t have to be assisted by their loved ones and carers when they need to go down to get out of the house or go up to their bedrooms. It also limits the chances of you falling and injuring yourself.

2. It helps make the users feel independent.

Plenty of elderly and physically challenged individuals opt to live in care homes or healthcare living facilities because they’re unable to go around their homes easily since they’re in wheelchairs. They feel that it’s an inconvenience not only to them but to their family members as well who had to assist them. It will also be expensive to hire caregivers. However, there’s a solution to this problem and that’s installing a home elevator. This elevator or lift, which you can operate yourself, will give you the peace of mind and independence you’re looking for.

3. It is compact.

Because it will be an addition to the house, many are worried that it will take up too much living space. However, this is not the case. In fact, it is compact and a space saver in comparison to ramps. To avoid having to hit major areas with a lot of foot traffic, it can be installed in a corner of the house or beside the stairs.

4. It can be installed indoors or outdoor.
Designed for use and can be installed in every environment, wheelchair lifts aren’t limited to indoor use only. It can be installed anywhere and everywhere, be it in a condominium, temple, church, schools, malls, MRT stations and more. This means that you don’t have to be stuck indoors anymore. You can move freely and independently without fearing that you could fall.

Physically challenged and ageing individuals may feel like their home is a space they’re no longer familiar with as it’s now full of obstacles. They may feel overwhelmed when they have to re-learn, try and adapt to their new way of living as they navigate through different areas of the home. So why not make them feel welcome in their own homes again by installing a wheelchair lift first? Make sure though that you partner with a specialist of access equipment for the physically challenged. Not only does this mean you are guaranteed quality accessibility solutions, but you are working with professionals.

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