26 Jan How do stairlifts enable the aging population in Malaysia?

How do stairlifts enable the aging population in Malaysia?

How do stair lifts enable the ageing population in Malaysia?

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the country’s population in 2020 is estimated at 32.7 million, and there’s around 3.5 million for the aged 60 years and over. The percentage of the ageing population has grown to 10.7% in 2020 compared to the recorded data in 2019*. As the country’s population is growing, its healthcare system is limited to short term care and hospitalization. Given that, families of the aged seniors, even the aged with no family members left to care for them, are looking for products that will allow them to remain independent and be able to still live the life that they need.

A spike in demand for mobility technologies to assist the elderly, especially those with physical limitations, has gradually increased. Falling down the stairs is reported to be one of the top causes of serious injury for elders, not just in Malaysia, but all over the world, and most elders are struggling to use the stairs due to old age.

By having a stairlift or stair chair lift installed, persons with limited mobility can easily move up and down the house safely. It reduces the stress they feel whenever they use stairs, keeps them feel safe and sound inside the home.

Stairlifts give a combination of convenience, safety, and comfort. The new lifts, in the time we live in now, are created to work and adapt in almost every home. This equipment has ergonomically designed chairs that are fitted to staircases for the benefit of persons with limited mobility. They have been created to be very simple and safe to use and can easily be controlled in installed easy access buttons attached to the chair or a remote. It also has a seat belt, as an added safety feature, to protect the elderly from tipping over or from any other accident while using the lift. Some stairlifts have sensory features too that detect and prevent the stairlift to collide with any obstruction ahead.

With that said, these ever-growing technological advances of stair chair lifts enable the ageing population of Malaysia and allowing them to continue living their lives as normal as they need to be. It allows them to live independently with all the safety features and care needed.


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