28 Feb Living and Moving Around Made Easy

Living and Moving Around Made Easy

Home is where we should be at our most comfortable and safest state even by having certain conditions such as limited mobility. But by being comfortable in moving around for the physically challenged, the home needs to be adaptable and this could mean home and appliance or equipment upgrade.

The kitchen is an important part of the home and apparently, where accidents mostly happen. To make it a safe haven and user-friendly to people with limited mobility, there would be some required small to substantial kitchen upgrades to consider like a kitchen adaptation system which includes the following:

Adjustable sink, taps and cooktops for the wheelchair users

Height adjustable sink and taps will be very helpful to people of different heights and abilities. Make the sink in the kitchen for wheelchair users to have space underneath which can help them reach the sink more easily. Lever taps are ideal for people with limited dexterity and grip strength. Also, make sure that taps have a clear hot and cold water indicator for users who are older and have dementia.

You can also enhance their kitchen experience with adjustable cooktops. This will allow them to cook in a safer and enjoyable way. Let them feel they can make use of the kitchen fully and safely without assistance.

Accessible kitchen cabinets for persons with mobility issues

A disability-friendly kitchen should have flexible kitchen cabinets. Accessible kitchen cabinets such as height-adjustable kitchen cabinets give freedom to the physically challenged to utilise the kitchen independently. It is easily controlled electrically by a small switch that is usually placed in the front fascia of the countertop for easier access. The accessible kitchen cabinets run either diagonally or vertically which help wheelchair users to be more independent & self-reliant in the kitchen. This will allow them to store and reach items inside the cabinet whenever they need to.

With a kitchen adaptation system in place, you can enable your loved ones with the limited reduced physical capacity to:

  • Boost Independence – by knowing that the kitchen equipment can adjust to their needs and abilities, they feel confident to move around the kitchen and even accomplish normal kitchen routines on their own.

  • Enjoy a modern and stylish kitchen – give them a cooking hobby and make them enjoy working in the kitchen with a stylish and sleek modern kitchen.

  • Never gets bored staying at home – with a user-friendly and efficient kitchen, they won’t feel bored rather will feel productive at home without having to exert so much effort.

Upgrading your kitchen to reduce the risk of accidents while enabling independence to our loved ones with limited mobility can be easily achieved through these suggested kitchen upgrades. Some upgrades can be done by yourself but some may need the assistance of an occupational therapist.

The kitchen and every area of the home should be livable and everyone should be able to move easily in it especially the physically challenged. Enable them to be independent and productive in the kitchen with these tips.

ARIAN has been in the business for more than 25 years, providing accessibility solutions for persons with limited mobility & innovative equipment for elderly care.

Our range of Specialist Access Equipment direct from Europe is made to international safety standards, designed with comfort and flexibility for users.

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