Kitchen Upper Cabinets


Ropox Diagonal kitchen system provides accessible kitchen cabinets to physically-challenged & elderly. The system makes the kitchen upper cabinets height adjustable electrically using a small control switch.

The cabinet runs diagonally down and forward, with height adjustment range of 43cm down and 18cm forward. The diagonal stroke makes it accessible for wheelchair users to reach kitchen cabinets easily, and it provides elderly & wheelchair users the freedom to utilize the kitchen area.


Ropox VertiElectric kitchen system makes upper wall kitchen cabinets height adjustable (vertically up and down by 30 cm) using a controller switch that is usually placed in the front fascia of the countertop.

This lift system enables elderly, physically-challenged, and wheelchair users to be more independent & self-reliant in the kitchen without being limited by the flexible cabinets.

The frame has a depth of 5 cm, so there is still a great place to work at the tabletop.

Kitchen Worktops


Flexi is a flexible kitchen that can be height adjusted vertically up and down. It is easily mounted on wall. If you want to mount on a non-bearing wall, there will be provided support feet.

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