17 Mar What Makes a Bathroom Accessible?

What Makes a Bathroom Accessible?

An accessible bathroom means safe, comfortable, and flexible and offers reliable support to older individuals and those that are physically challenged. This can give them confidence in using it all by themselves at all times.

To be able to accomplish an accessible bathroom for everyone, you will need a bathroom adaptation system that includes assistive support which is cost-effective and very ideal for wheelchair users. Here are some of the flexible aids you can invest in to achieve an accessible bathroom.

Adjustable Washbasins

handicap accessible bathroom

A washbasin is an important part of any bathroom. It needs to be user-friendly and adjustable for people with limited mobility. Some adjustable washbasins are height-adjustable and can be rotated out for someone who likes to wash their hands while seated in the toilet.

For wheelchair users, a swing washbasin is more suitable. It can rotate and swing making it accessible from all sides. For walking-impaired users, washbasins that feature grab rails and such support can help prevent slips and falls. An accessible bathroom has a washbasin with wide legroom for easier access to those using wheelchairs.

Bathroom and Shower Aids

handicap accessible bathroom

A wet and slippery floor can be very uncomfortable for people with limited physical mobility. To prevent falling injuries and accidents, the bathroom should have stable support such as shower rails and grabs that can help reduce the need for assistance.

A bathroom for the elderly and the physically challenged should have a shower seat to prevent slips and falls and make them feel relax and comfortable with a padded seat.

Some users may need a shower bed especially those with limited mobility and those who cannot sit upright. Shower beds are safe, sanitary, and amazingly supportive. They are waterproof and some has drainage features allowing a user to stay after bathing.

A bathtub for adults with special needs can be also considered to ease bathing time for both the users and helpers. Safety features such as height-adjustable, stop strips, mobile lift and more ensure security and flexibility inside a slippery environment.

With a bathroom adaptation system at home, you can ensure your bathroom is a safe haven to everyone and you can enable your physically impaired loved ones to:

  • Take care of themselves easier – You don’t have to worry about not being able to give them bathroom assistance when they need to especially during late nights. Having an accessible and safe bathroom promotes independence.

  • Feel comfortable and supported at all times– Feeling safe and comfortable at all times can make them do more things on their own. Safety and comfort are the essence of life you want your loved ones to feel especially those that have limited physical capacity.

To achieve a safe, accessible and user-friendly bathroom, you will need sufficient space to enable additional tools and equipment that can aid and secure everyone while using the bathroom. This design will be cost-effective as it ensures long-lasting safety features.

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