28 Jul The Benefits of Housing & Community Accessibility

The Benefits of Housing & Community Accessibility

People belonging to the greying population as well as those who are physically challenged have it tough. They face a lot of problems when it comes to their limited mobility issues when all they want is to live comfortably in their own homes. Most often than not, they will require assistance and attention from their family and/or carers to complete some tasks. These tasks involve going up and down the stairs, going in and out of their vehicles and even accessing their kitchens and bathrooms - which others will find simple and easy enough to do, but not senior people or individuals with mobility issues.

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But the good thing is, they can enjoy and live comfortably. And it is all thanks to one company that is committed to providing accessibility solutions such as home lifts and mobility equipment to the public. If you are not aware and/or would like to know more about the fantastic accessibility solutions that are available and their features as well as benefits, then you should continue reading this article.

Stairlift (Chair Lift)


  • • Also known as a stair chair lift, this equipment is perfect for individuals who have mobility issues and need to travel up and down their stairs safely.
  • • Safe to use and mechanically activated, there are different models and even special designs to choose from. Whether your staircase is straight, curved, wide, or narrow, ARIAN will have a stairlift model that suits your needs.
  • • The chair, which is ergonomically designed and easy to install, will conveniently suit the elderly and physically challenged people.
  • • This product is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and compliant with EEC and ISO Safety Standards.

Home Lift (Vertical Platform Lift)


  • • Also known as the home elevator and wheelchair lift, this mobility equipment provides accessibility for individuals with limited mobility and wheelchair users so they can go to different levels of the house and/or building.
  • • People who find it difficult to go up and down their staircases will find this vertical platform lift as a good substitute because, with a 500kg capacity, it can travel up to a height of 15m.
  • • Suitable for commercial and residential spaces, there is no machine room required for this home lift and it is very easy to maintain.
  • • This product is manufactured in Sweden and conforms to the EEC Safety Standards EN81:41.

Inclined Platform Lift (Wheelchair Lifts for stairs)


  • • This mobility equipment can transport passengers in a wheelchair and/or carrying lightweight items up and down the staircase. It has a space-saving design that best fits public places such as malls and hospitals.
  • • For public places that cannot accommodate a vertical platform lift installation, the inclined platform lift is the ideal choice because it can be folded manually and easily – ensuring that minimal space is used.
  • • This product is European manufactured and conforms to the EEC Standards.

Vehicle Wheelchair Lift


  • • Safety, dependability and a space-saving footprint are important considerations when choosing wheelchair lifters to serve the growing community of mobility challenged passengers, driver operators, and transportation agencies.
  • • Wheelchair lifts provide secure and reliable access transporting passengers young and old, across town.
  • • Patented fully interlocked restraint belt system.

Automobile Adaptation


  • • People who are considering the idea of transforming their regular vehicle into a mobility adapted car through the Swivel Seat system should take a look into the “Automobile Adaptation” that ARIAN offers.
  • • One benefit to this vehicle adaptation solution is that it can help improve the quality of travelling for wheelchair users, people with limited mobility, and their carers. This solution helps eliminate the need for lifting that comes with transferring the passenger to and from their wheelchair and car seat.
  • • The car seat is ergonomically designed, which helps the passenger to comfortably get in and out of the car.

Accessible Bathroom Concepts


  • • Senior citizens and people with limited mobility can now enjoy an accessible bathroom concept and design through the help of the ARIAN team.
  • • From the toilet support, adjustable washbasin, shower changing beds, and more, the bathroom equipment and concept the team offer provides accessibility and ensures that the elderly and wheelchair users can move around safely and comfortably.

Accessible Kitchen Concepts


  • • Moving and working around the kitchen freely and comfortably is possible through the accessible kitchen concepts of the ARIAN team.
  • • Physically-challenged people, wheelchair users, and the elderly can now reach into kitchen worktops, cabinets, and more. With a few simple controls, the cabinet and worktops can move up and down which makes it easy for them to move and work around the kitchen easily.

Being able to move and do things freely and comfortably is what everyone wants, especially the elderly and individuals who are physically challenged. Thanks to these home lifts and mobility equipment, it is made possible.

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