29 Sep Suitable Vehicle Adaptation Solutions for People with Limited Mobility Issues

Suitable Vehicle Adaptation Solutions for People with Limited Mobility Issues
People with limited mobility issues are used to facing numerous challenges on a daily basis while travelling. A simple run to the grocery store or a quick drive to the hospital is a few of the tasks easily done by physically abled people, yet proved to be problematic for individuals with mobility and wheelchair users. Not only did they have to deal with their medical conditions, but they also face issues such as poor assistance, lack of proper mobility equipment, and more. However, that was before when wheelchair lifts for vehicles and other mobility equipment were not yet invented and improved.

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Today, mobility equipment plays a major role in shaping up the lives of these people. It gave them the independence to travel safely and comfortably on their own or with the assistance coming from their loved ones and carers. There are numerous public facilities offered to people with limited mobility, which have improved considerably over time. There are also different equipment options for individuals with different medical conditions that limit their mobility. Armed with a vehicle wheelchair lift or other equipment meant that they can travel anywhere and everywhere they want without having to worry about how they can get inside the car in the first place.

Want to know what automobile adaptation solutions are available for individuals with limited mobility issues? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Losing a limb or two may prove to be difficult even before the travel starts. Aside from losing balance, other potential issues include moving from one side to the other. But it is now a thing of the past thanks to the various adaptation solutions available today. Amputees can have a transfer board and seat lift installed in the vehicle for easier access. A transfer board is a solution for balance issues as it can help wheelchair users go in and out of the car. On the other hand, seat lifts with a swivel base are perfect for bringing the seat closer to the door opening and over the sill. These lifts are perfect for vehicles where the seat is higher. Users can also communicate with the automobile adaptation provider for hand control options and left foot accelerators for driving purposes.

People with Spinal Cord Injuries

Wheelchair lifts for vehicles are highly recommended for individuals who have injured their spinal cord. They will require assistance from their loved ones and carers to go in and out of their vehicles and to drive them. Designed to provide travelling solutions to mobility challenged people and their drivers, they can choose to have the equipment installed in the rear or side of the vehicle. Remote control will also be available for lifting the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle.

People with Whiplash Injuries

Suffering from a recent whiplash injury? There is an automobile adaptation solution available that you can take into consideration. Different from a vehicle wheelchair lift, one adaptation solution is having an anatomically designed seat as it can provide pressure relief to the individual with a whiplash injury. For long trips and uneven roads, the seat cushion with bucket design and inflatable lumbar support provides the necessary support to relieve the patient of some back pain while travelling. In addition, the swivel base of this adaptation solution makes it easy for the seat to be rotated towards the door opening, which lessens discomfort to the individual.

Thanks to the technology and continuous effort of companies focused on providing accessibility solutions, travelling is now possible, safe, and comfortable for people with limited mobility issues. Aside from wheelchair lifts for vehicles, other products are available to help them not just when travelling but also to move around their houses.

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