27 Nov Rethinking Accessibility: From Wellness to Living Well

Rethinking Accessibility: From Wellness to Living Well

Adapting to an illness or mobility issue as well as going through the natural ageing process can change the way people operate their day-to-day lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or a family member, there will be a need to re-assess how you all live and making adaptations to the home accordingly such as installing a wheelchair lift for example. Although homes are considered familiar spaces, these can suddenly become challenging for physically challenged individuals.

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Things that they usually can do with ease such as walking up and down the stairs, going to the bathroom by themselves, and opening doors and cabinets are suddenly things they can’t do without help from others. So what can you as a loved one do to help make them comfortable and relaxed in their environment?

Well, you are there to help find solutions to make the home accessible for them. There are many ways that you can transform your or their house to become accessible for wheelchair users, physically challenged individuals and the greying population.

5 Products to Help the Home Become Accessible

1. Ramp at entry points for Wheelchair Users

Thanks to the ramps at the entry and exit points of public and private facilities, wheelchair users can access these areas with ease. So, why not do the same in their homes? Get in touch with a company that specializes in installing ramps to every crook and corner around the house that they need access to. This will make it easy for them to get on and about their usual routine when they can roam around the house without needing your or anyone else’s help. Every part of the house needs to be checked so the ramps can be properly installed and tested by the wheelchair user.

2. Stairlifts

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Got a two-floor house? Well, then you might want to consider getting a stair lift installed in your home. Stairlifts are the perfect solution to keep your home accessible to wheelchair users and physically challenged individuals when they need to go on the second floor of the house. The product innovations today made it possible to find stairlifts that will fit curved or straight staircases. And it won’t be a bother to the other occupants because the chair folds away neatly.

3. Home Lift or Elevator

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Also called a platform lift, a home lift or elevator is designed for wheelchair users to easily go up and down different floors in their houses. Because these are specifically designed for wheelchairs, users will not feel uncomfortable when inside the lift. It’s ideal for condominiums, churches, temples and other places where vertical movement is necessary.

4. Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen System

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You or your loved one may be a frequent kitchen user before, but don’t think that you can’t do things such as storing and reaching items inside cabinets anymore. Thanks to the height-adjustable kitchen cabinets and countertops, it is possible for even physically challenged people to move freely and around the kitchen.

5. Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom System

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In addition to installing a stair lift or a platform lift in the home, companies specializing in home accessibility solutions are also delivering wheelchair accessible bathroom systems that can help people access common fixtures inside the bathroom such as the washbasin and shower. Adjustable washbasin makes it possible for the user to raise or lower it and even use it while they’re seated or standing. A shower changing bed, on the other hand, can help them wash up and folds up when not in use.

With these amazing products such as a stair or wheelchair lift, wheelchair users, physically challenged individuals and those belonging to the greying population get to live a comfortable and relaxing life in their own homes.

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