30 May Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

When a person’s physical capacity is challenging - whether present at birth or caused by an unfortunate event, there is no choice but to keep moving forward and adapt to the situation presented to you. The given physical challenge shouldn’t stop you from doing things to survive or the things you love. And in doing so, one would need a couple of tools to make daily living easier for yourself and everyone around you.

One major need would be something for mobility. To go around the house, tour around maybe just a few blocks is what the normal wheelchairs and the earlier versions of electric wheelchairs are capable of. There are so many kinds of wheelchairs nowadays which are dependent on the capability of the person using it. But the most common ones now are the electric or power wheelchairs that allow the differently-abled a much longer travel distance than that of the manual ones. Aside from that, they’ve added more features to allow the person using it to be able to explore more places, check the view outside of their homes, being able to move around almost like nothing is limiting them.

Before technology advanced, the physically challenged person would be carried into the vehicle, into the passenger seat, then the wheelchair will be placed into the car so they will be able to drive around to travel farther distances aside from being isolated in and outside the house or just around the block. If, however, the wheelchair isn’t collapsible - the person or his family would need to upgrade their car to be able to fit this need.

As time passed, vehicle wheelchair lifts have been made because not all physically challenged people are lightweight or the people they live with or taking care of them aren't allowed to carry another person’s weight due to an ailment, probably. Because of this, another technology upgrade has been made to solve this difficulty and make lives easier for everybody - The Carony was made to reality.

The Carony is an automobile adaptation that helps transfer a passenger from wheelchair to car seat without lifting. It is more like a convertible for the physically challenged! It converts from a wheelchair to a car seat and vice versa. Simply put, it allows the transfer from wheelchair to car seat minus the lifting. This new system allows the person and the person taking care of them more independence and ease. It is suitable for both adults and children with just 3 simple steps to transfer - swivel, dock and slide.

Continuous upgrades and enhancements are being made for the Carony for much better ease for everybody but so far the Carony® Classic and the Carony® Go are the ones you should start looking into and they come in different sizes and different accessories. They’ve made it even better with their joystick attachable to the armrest with the Carony® Go - crash tested and approved according to ISO 7176 and ISO 10542, and the car seats are now fire resistant!

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