Kitchen Concepts

Moving freely within the kitchen environment.

This system enables the user to make full use of the kitchen despite being physically challenged. The concepts allow the user to reach for items, lower the table tops and various other mobility solutions that help make working in the kitchen much easier than before, with little or no assistance at all.

Kitchen Upper Cabinets


Diagonal is a system of cabinets that run diagonally down and forward. The diagonal stroke is 43cm down and 18cm forward. The frame is electrically and operated with a small control.


Ropox VertiElectric makes it possible for the user to reach into the cabinet, which would otherwise be unattainable.


Electric height- adjustable frame for cabinet. The adjustment takes place vertically up and down.


The frame is raised and lowered 30 cm by simply using the controller, which is usually placed in the front fascia of the countertop.


The frame has a depth of 5 cm, so there is still a great place to work at the tabletop.

Kitchen Worktops


Flexi is a flexible kitchen that can be height adjusted vertically up and down. It is easily mounted on wall. If you want to mount on a non-bearing wall, there will be provided support feet.

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